Urban problems near Lviv apartments


The Urban problems in Lviv are multi -levelled! As seen in the photo insert, the sidewalks are a prime example of how the basic infrastructure is a mess- a ruin.
This infrastructure has been abandoned for decades during the Soviet Era . Now the task of repairing them is overwhelming.
The state of disrepair is everywhere to be found . the most embarrassing spots are near the Opera House and the City Hall. The locals walk along these crooked, broken down sidewalks ( some of which have substantial holes ) as if it were normal. The young girls with their stiletto heals strut along these miserable sidewalk – sacrificing all for fashion!
To the tourists this feat is a sight to behold.
I often feel in Lviv that I cannot look up to admire the architecture for fear of tripping on a very uneven sidewalk tile! What a shame.
To compound the situation- there are absolutely no no access for wheelchairs.
This situation becomes even more treacherous in the winter when the city fails to clean the snow off these sidewalks and thick layers of ice eventually create a most uneven and dangerous ice rink!
We at Lviv in apartments sincerely hope that these urban problems will improve. Unfortunately, we have seen many shady repair jobs whereby reconstructions have not lasted and the situation has not improved due to bad workmanship or low grade materials. A prime case in point are the sidewalks on the City Hall Square. twice already they have been replaced and again the tiles are lifting and cracking. The major question to City Hall is – Why?