Lviv Apartments steeped in history


It is a well know fact that Lviv is an ancient city steeped in history. The inserted photo is proof positive of this fact. This image shows the Arsenal in the old city centre. This brick and stone wall is complete wall wall tower, and remnants of moats. It is beautifully restored and attracts bus loads of tourists daily. Today we find nestled in the ruins contemporary cafe and restaurants.
In the cavern is a museum show centuries old artifacts with an emphasis off antique military arms.
A stroll in the heart of Lviv gives one glimpses of fortress walls built in heavy stone. When the city digs to repair water mains and sewage pipes one marvels at what looks like an archeological dig with old brick and stone walls and ruined dwellings.
What a treat for Lvi v apartment dwellers to witness first hand ancient history. We can only image when the entire city was surrounded by these medieval walls.