Ivasiuk a favourite at Lviv Apartments

Lviv has many heroes and many people whom they honour for theirs nationalism and patriotism.
One such hero is without a doubt – Volodymyr Ivasiuk
Ivasiuk was a famous songwriter , composer and poet. He rose to instant fame with his song entitled – “Chervona Ruta” ( red rue) which went viral in 1971 and made him a star of the Soviet Union. this beautiful song remains very popular and is almost as emotive as the national anthem.
The equally famous singer – Sofia Rotaru sang many of his original compositions and this made her very famous as well.
Ivasiuk was assassinated ( found hung in a forest on the outskirts of Lviv ) on May 18-1979 . The verdict was suicide but many suspect murder as he wrote and sang many anti-soviet pieces.
The photo inserted is a recent statue commemorating his fame in Lviv. it is located off Prospect Shevchenko near the music conservatory where he studied. this statue is near a large thorny metal wreath with his photo also on Schevchenka Blvd.
He is buried in the famous and ancient cemetery called Lychakivsky where also stands a beautiful Bronze in his memory.
We at Lviv apartments consider Cervona Ruta our favourite Ukrainian song .