Lviv apartments are very safe and quiet places to visit now

Lviv is a cultural centre ! The attached photo shows the amazing interior of the National Museum which houses the most extensive Icon collection in the world.
This is just one of the many reasons tourists love Lviv.
Lviv depends on tourism and it is really important for tourists to understand that there is absolutely no danger in. Visiting Lviv during these very difficult times in Ukraine. The greatest gift people can make to Ukraine is to support the tourism in Lviv . People there need to know that visitors want to see their beautiful city and they they will not let me ca propaganda prevent them from Visiting Lviv. Lviv is thousands of miles from the Russian border where Russian Terrorists are creating havoc.
We at Lviv apartments encourage people to Visit Lviv now. Come encourage the, come help their economy, come and show them that you support their culture and their desire fr democracy and freedom.