Serhiy Parajanova recognized by Lviv apartments


Lviv has always been recognized as a highly sophisticated cultural centre. Many famous artists have chosen to live here and practice their art here ( Freud and Masoch to name a few. Another such artists was the master of cinema – Serhiy Parajanova. Parajanova was a soviet film director who made significant contributions to Ukrainian, Armenian, and Georgian cinema. the Soviets initially rejected his works because of his homosexuality ( as they continue to discriminate to this day ) . When he was finally discovered by the civilized world his masterly genius was recognized and celebrated. His most famous works – The colour of pomegranates (1968) and Shadows of our forgotten ancestors were amazing idiosyncratic studies of folklore in the Soviet Society.
Walking along the myriad of cobble stone streets of Lviv I stumbled upon this larger than life poster of Parajanova and I was reminded , once again, of the multitude of talent that have lived and still live in Lviv. we at Lviv apartments are proud of the artistic heritage of our beautiful city.