Lviv apartments awed by history

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It is unimaginable to conceive of buildings being 600 years old. Especially coming from North America where architecture is relatively recent and modern.
Well such antiquity is not unusual for an ancient centre like Lviv. As the photo herein depicts the Polish Cathedral in central Lviv is celebrating 600 years this year. This magnificent structure is located on the Cathedral square and it is surrounded by expressive statues and cobble stone streets . It’s towering steeples act as a landmark for tourists and locals alike.
Lviv is like a living museum. At every street corner there is antiquity some dating as far back as the medieval ages. It is truly mind bobbling to image walking down the same streets where people walked centuries ago. The whole experience is awe inspiring.
We at Lviv apartments are thrilled to boast to our guests the antiquity that is Lviv.