Lviv apartments hopes for transparent election 2014

October 26 marks a very important date for the citizens of Ukraine. On this day people will go to the polls to elect a new parliament. There is much campaigning in the centre of Lviv.
The polls seem to indicate that the “Bloc” party led by the recently elected president – Petro Pososhenko will win a majority of seats. This victory would provide Ukraine with a pro-Eurpoean parliament.
This election is crucial as this is the time for Ukraine to create the reforms that are so desperately needed. The people who fought during the “Maidan” revolution desperately need a government that will clear the path towards Europe and rid the existing government of the massive corruption that continues to thrive.
The corrupt deputies of the Ousted Yanokovich regime are still running for seats – much to the dismay of the nationalists who are still fighting for change.
The poster herein translate as “Ukraine will overcome” .
We at Lviv apartments are hoping for the best- glory to Ukraine.