Cosmopilitan flair near Lviv Apartments

The latest in cosmopolitan flavour in central Lviv is “Tante Sohie” (Aunt Shophy) a French Restaurant with very haute cuisine – What else!

Everywhere time you turn the corner in Lviv a new restaurant is opening- where do the clients come from one asks? For a small city that has seen a decline in tourism due to the war scare the competition is fierce . Therefore new ideas are “de rigour” .

This tiny and intimate restaurant specializes in Escargot- which is quite the exotic fare for the locals. Surely the residents of Lviv will be breve enough to open their culinary palettes to this French delicassy .  The waiter informs that the Escargot are from the Carpathian Mountains and feed on the grape vines of Uzhorod- what an organic delight.

The other main item of interest on the menu are – naturally – Frog Legs  . A menu would not be French without them.

The decors is definitely French with bistro tables and the very French Provençal blue scheme.  The waiters are classic with their crisp white shirts and long black aprons.

We at Lviv apartments hope that this lovely little “bijoux” will survive as Lviv needs more exoticism in it’s eateries.Lately there has been a glut of pizzerias so this new concept is a welcome addition to Lviv’ s European charm!