Lviv Apartments anxiously await Lviv’ s economic revival

 Investors are just waiting to get into Lviv as the investment potential is enormous.  Lviv is the westernmost city of Ukraine a mere half hour to the Polish Border. 

On January 1 St , Lviv woke up to free trade with the European Union – 500 million new customers. This has great possibilities  as wages in Lviv are 15 times lower than in Germany. Why wouldn’t investors want to manufacture here? 

The situation in War torn Eastern Donetsk is frightening but one has to realize the distance of this war from Lviv. Lviv is 1,200 Kilometers away.  This is comparable to distance between New York and Miami!

Then of course many would be investors worry about the lack of judicial order- the endemnic corruption which just does seem to go away!  The only consolation to thiis is that Lviv is dominated by the Samopomich. (Selfreliance) party ) which is somewhat more transparent and democratic than those in power in KYIV.

We at Lviv apartments are also waiting for investors to come and help the twittering economy in Lviv.  The locals are ready and willing to work , if only their parliament and Government would act on reforms!