Let’s speak Ukrainian at Lviv Apartments

Most tourists to Lviv (. And Ukraine) want to improve on their Ukrainian language  skills. At the very least, they want to hear the language spoken as this is a vital part of the cultural experience while travelling.  However, this is becoming more and more difficult .

Lviv Gras always been a fortress of the Ukrainian language however this is changing rather quickly as many from the war torn East are relocating to Lviv and their knowledge of the Ukrainian language is limited or their interest in speaking it is almost non- existent.  Unfortunately, the stigma that Russian language is elite and Ukraine language is peasant still persists.

The Ukrainian parliament is now considering introducing a new law to increase the amount of Ukrainian language heard on local television stations. Presently,it is almost impossible to find UkrainiN News broadcasts and when you do interviews inevitably turn to Russian language. 

This is a terrible shame and a terrible propagandistic attempt at eliminating the Ukrainian language.

Now, parliamentary laws  take time to implement ( especially in Ukraine ) . We at Lviv apartments sincerely hope that such laws will come into effect soon so as to guarantee the survival of the Ukrainian language.