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Cosmopilitan flair near Lviv Apartments

The latest in cosmopolitan flavour in central Lviv is “Tante Sohie” (Aunt Shophy) a French Restaurant with very haute cuisine – What else!

Everywhere time you turn the corner in Lviv a new restaurant is opening- where do the clients come from one asks? For a small city that has seen a decline in tourism due to the war scare the competition is fierce . Therefore new ideas are “de rigour” .

This tiny and intimate restaurant specializes in Escargot- which is quite the exotic fare for the locals. Surely the residents of Lviv will be breve enough to open their culinary palettes to this French delicassy .  The waiter informs that the Escargot are from the Carpathian Mountains and feed on the grape vines of Uzhorod- what an organic delight.

The other main item of interest on the menu are – naturally – Frog Legs  . A menu would not be French without them.

The decors is definitely French with bistro tables and the very French Provençal blue scheme.  The waiters are classic with their crisp white shirts and long black aprons.

We at Lviv apartments hope that this lovely little “bijoux” will survive as Lviv needs more exoticism in it’s eateries.Lately there has been a glut of pizzerias so this new concept is a welcome addition to Lviv’ s European charm!

The disabled finally get attention near Lviv apartment 

The saying goes that there were no disabled people in the USSR! Well there certainly was no street accessibility for them. The old infrastructure consisted of broken down sidewalks with very irregular accessibility. One never saw a wheel chair on the streets and one had to wonder about the limited  movability of these poor people.

Finally progress is beginning to arrive in this regard. The recent new construction of sidewalks on “Propect Svoboda” (Lviv’s main avenue)  in corporates graduation from street level to the sidewalk – revolutionary !

Tourism is demanding this sort of change – especially senior tourists who insist on accessibility to the public washrooms.

Now the veterans returning from the Donbas war front too will insist that the mayors of city provide them with the infrastruction that allows them to move freely with the city.

We at Lviv Apartments are thrilled to see such progress and realize that it will take much time and money to get the city centre all wheelchair accessible.

Soldiers parade near Lviv Apartments

The sight of soldiers parading or simply strolling along in the Lviv centre is not uncommon these days . in fact it is almost a daily occurrence. Lviv is peaceful and very far away from the war zone front line.  Still, many soldiers train near Lviv ( under the professional guidance oOf American and Canadian soldiers) . Also many soldiers who go to “protect their. Sovereignty” are originally from Lviv.

Every weekend there are various fundraising events to gather money for the war cause. The most popular seems to be craft and bake sales by volunteer women.

We at Lviv Apartments wish these youn men the best  for their. Courageous deeds.


European charm in Lviv

Lviv aspires to joining the European Union. In Ukraine , it is the most like to do so as it borders Europe and resembles Europe with its Autro-Hungarian architecture and it’s impeccable charme.

Here many speak English as tourism is a main industry . Also, many bright young entrepreneurs are strong in the IT technology which will lead them straight to Eurpore.

We at Lviv apartments hope that Lviv will fulfill it’s dream as it so deserves it.    

A passage to Lviv apartments

  Lviv is famous for .the concept of the “Passage”. This is a passage way leading to another street or to an inner courtyard.  This walk ways also lead to entrances of buildings such as in the photo shown here at #35 Svododa – a lviv apartment.  Many of these passages are testimonies to  the glory of the Austro- Hungarian style that predominates Lviv architecture. 

As shown here, many passages are decorated with classical masks and columns. Unfortunately, many are still in disrepair and in desperate need of restoration which will hopefully happen soon. 

Lviv apartments celebrate. 300 years

  Lviv is steeped in history -this is a well known fact – but 300 years  beats many world records. 1715  is as far back as historians have gone to mark the beginnings of Lviv as a city. However , excavations show a much older centre dating back to medieval times and beyond. 

Recently construction bulldozers have dug up a very ancient underground city with arched passages, small dwellings and stairs all made of ancient brick. Unfortunately the plan is to land fill this site and build yet another hotel over it ( Krakivska St. One block west of Ploshta Rynok) .

As Lviv restores it’s Austro-Hungarian architecture it must as well take into account .the treasures that lye below. 

Shady infrastructure near Lviv Apartments

Believe it or not! this recent photograph  shows a very dangerous looking sidewalk on the east side of the Opera House. Appalling isn’t it! 

This sort of sidewalk is not unsusual in central Lviv.  Actually is common place. some sidewalks ( for example in the central Market Square) have been repaired a number of times and the next year they turn out worse than before. 

Please Lviv- show some respect for your citizens and tourists – fix your sidewalks  and fix them properly. 


Lviv apartments far removed from the War Front

The Media portrays the whole of Ukraine Under siege and as a result foreigners fear travelling to Lviv. This is terribly counterproductive.  Tourism is the mainstay of Lviv’s economy  and the people there need to know that they have the support of foreigners not their fear. 

Lviv is thousands of Kilometers from the war zone and it is just one hour from the Polish  border which is NATO and Euro protected. 

We are Lviv apartments encourage foreigners to come and relish in the beauty and history that is Lviv. Here life is one festival after another with the streets littered with Cafes and musicians. 


Autum leaves at Lviv Apartments

Lviv is wonderful at any time of the year. Here people embrace the four seasons.
Presently the famous melody “autumn leaves” comes to mind. Approaching mid-October the weather is balmy . The average temperatures range in the high teens and low twenties. The outdoor terraces are still in full operation and people love to promenade in the warm autumn sun. Just delightful!
Soon winter will set in . This year is particularly stressful with the Russian Aggressors threatening to turn off the gas!
For now, we at Lviv apartments are enjoying the kaleidoscope of colors and basking in the sum