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The disabled finally get attention near Lviv apartment 

The saying goes that there were no disabled people in the USSR! Well there certainly was no street accessibility for them. The old infrastructure consisted of broken down sidewalks with very irregular accessibility. One never saw a wheel chair on the streets and one had to wonder about the limited  movability of these poor people.

Finally progress is beginning to arrive in this regard. The recent new construction of sidewalks on “Propect Svoboda” (Lviv’s main avenue) ¬†in corporates graduation from street level to the sidewalk – revolutionary !

Tourism is demanding this sort of change – especially senior tourists who insist on accessibility to the public washrooms.

Now the veterans returning from the Donbas war front too will insist that the mayors of city provide them with the infrastruction that allows them to move freely with the city.

We at Lviv Apartments are thrilled to see such progress and realize that it will take much time and money to get the city centre all wheelchair accessible.

euro maidan visible from Lviv Apartments

This photo depicts the aspirations of a new generation of Ukrainians . It cleverly incorporates two very important concepts. firstly there is the traditional flag of the European Union ( a solid blue background with a a circle of gold stars in the centre) . secondly , within the circle of stars is the National symbols of Ukraine known as the ” three Zube” .
This image has surfaced everywhere lately as Ukrainians aspire to join a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.
It is found on Christmas balls and decorations, wearable head bands and T Shirts, even of glazes of edible doughnuts. It has become a ubiquitous symbol of the Euro maidan.
It has become a particularly strong and unifying image as hundreds of Thousands of Ukrainians have gathered under this symbol to protest a government that refuses to take them to Europe and is more so leading them into the old Sphere of Russian influence.
We at Lviv Apartments support this flag and hope that soon it will fly freely throughout Ukraine and Europe.
this will be a long struggle as the authorities control the police and the courts and refuse to listen to the demands of it’ s people. Rather than listen and respect this new flag they are censoring all media, aggressively dispersing the protests, negating journalists, and embezzling more and more monies from an already defaulting economy. the situation is crucial and the outcome is unknown.
Hopefully time will reveal a triumphant ending where the blue and gold glad flies high and proud.

EuroMaidan as seen by Lviv apartments

Lviv is a peace loving cultural centre. it is a very quiet and and pacifist society. I have never once felt threatened there. Quite to the contrary, one feels very relaxed there and regardless of your attire or skin colour the locals never stare or ridicule . they are very accepting of everyone and more so allow everyone to express their individuality.
Of course the citizens of Lviv have expressed their political opinions lately concerning their Governments refusal to join the European Trade Association. Mainly students have protested quite boisterously against a corrupt regime that refuses to listen to their demands.

The youth of Lviv deserve a life that leans towards European standards of Democracy and freedom.
From the inserted photo, one can tell that the protests ( what remains of them now) were very small in Lviv compared to the activities at the Independence square in Kyiv. many activists in Lviv are camping out in Kyiv.
Lviv is now flooded with tourists who want to witness their great Religious holidays and traditions. it is a very safe environment for foreigners. I encourage everyone to promote the Tourism in Lviv at this time as it’ s economy highly depends on it.
Lviv will continue to struggle for it ‘s rights to a better life – it will do so in a peaceful and civilized manner. We at Lviv apartments hope that the authorities in Ukraine will have the sensibilities to respond to their legitimate demands.
“Slava Ukraina” .

Cool delicacies for Lviv Apartment dwellers


Lviv is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth! sweet delights have been around tempting the citizens and visitors of Lviv for centuries. be it chocolates, hot cocoa, bvarious deserts and pastries.
One very unique specialty is the Lviv Ice cream- reputably the best on the planet. It is very natural and supposedly without preservatives.
The heaven.y flavours are a delight and stores in Lviv can’ t seem to keep up with the demand- especially on a hot summer day.
Competition has come into play what with the increase in Tourism . The world famous Italian “Gelato” has surfaced on the street is downtown Lviv.
We at Lviv apartments strongly believe that Lviv Ice Cream – ( Morozuvo) is by far the best tasting- hands down.
Because the Lviv product is locally made it is of course much more affordable than the imported brands This is a definite plus for sales.
Also the age old tradition of Lviv Home made Ice cream has very loyal clients and the locals will always prefer their Lviv product .
Hopefully the ice cream in Lviv will remain independent and will continue to be pure and natural .
Then we can rest assured that it will delight many for yet years to come.

Children at play near Lviv Apartments

The sound of children laughing, Screaming with joy is undoubtedly the most reminiscent and joyful sound in the world. ! The sight of youngsters playing, running, skipping and jumping-this epitomizes life! These are the most delightful sounds and sights. These sounds and sights are universal and be it Lviv, Toronto, or Timbuktu! ! Children all over the world must be given tthe opportunity to play and express they youthful joy.
In this inserted photo, is a large children’ s playground in central Lviv. ( near the Powder Tower At Pidvalna street) .
Thse colourful playground has slides, swings, sand boxes, a huge slide that is inflated daily, and a larger trampoline! This beautiful facility was erected and continues to be maintained by Petro Poroshenko . This wealthy Ukrainian businessman is of the. ” Roshen ” Chocolate fame.
His chocolates are the most popular and most delicious in all of Ukraine.
Recently the Roshen chocolates were banned in Russia ( political motives ) .
We at Lviv Apartments are thrilled to see that the local Children are happy and that the are are benefactors who provide them with safe and pleasant playgrounds.

Feel protected at Lviv apartments

Lviv is a very friendly, laid back, quiet and peaceful city. With a population of approximately 1 million people ,it is just the right size to be manageable and to have a very low crime rate.
It is my Impression that the police force has little to do to keep order in such a civilized city. even after dark one feels perfectly safe . I have had many women clients ( travelling alone) who have told me that they have never once felt threatened in Lviv – even after dark.
On the other hand , I have often remarked that there seem to be very few police men and women in the old Lviv city centre. Perhaps that is because they are not necessary. I believe that even just the presence of the militia in the centre creates a feeling of comfort and security especially for first time tourists who do not know the language and who might be experiencing a bit of culture shock.

Lately, the police in Ukraine as a whole has received much criticism . There was a very bad police rape case that recently received much press and much protest. Also, many citizens say that they fear the police as they are controlled by a corrupt government.
These negative factors aside, we at Lviv apartments always promote Lviv as a safe and hassle free environment with friendly and fun loving people.

.Lviv apartments offer international languages

As seen in this photo many signs in Lviv in are written in both Ukrainian language ( Cyrillic alphabet) and in English.
Up until 6 years. Ago people in Lviv would turn their heads in wonder when they heard English spoken on the city streets. Now English is very common place and people do not pay attention to people speaking many different languages in Lviv.
Tourism has grown in leaps and bounds and every language under the sun is spoken here . Indeed, Lviv has become a cosmopolitan, international and world class centre.
Most university students have seen the wave of the futur and have studied English. There are numerous Private English language schools in the city and many tutors take own private students.
After hosting the Euro cup Championships in 2012 – Lviv began a massive program to introduce English in the city. street sign where the fist indicator as most of these sign were quickly translated to English in a mad rush to accommodate the influx of football fans.
Most restaurants have English speaking staff and many menus have been translated to English.
This is a very favourable turn of events for tourists here. It creates a very pleasant and easy atmosphere.
We at Lviv apartments definite offer services in English- French- Ukrainian- Russian and Polish.
as English has become the global language- Lviv has definite join the club.

Lviv apartments always promotes the local art and craft movement because it like to support the local artists and artisans . equally important we enjoy education our clients about the rich culture in Lviv and in return our clients are always very appreciative that we directed them to such beautiful s works. Overall, this benefits the economy and the tourist.
There are countless galleries and art venues throughout the historical city centre.
Our suites at are themselves decorated with original works by local artists and so the tourists get to liven with these treasures and truly come to appreciate the local flavour and culture.


Visitors from London just love our Lviv apartments

I wanted to share a recent testimonial from a visitor from Lonbon who stayed at our Lviv apartment and was so enchanted that after his stay he wrote the following:

Thank you for allowing me to experience your artistic environment. I really enjoyed the suite and must tell you in all honesty that it is probably the most pleasant apartment I have ever been in. I also appreciated the kitchen being so well stocked with most of the necessary pots and utensils as it is very uncommon. Your staff was marvelous and I really appreciated their help. The next time I visit from London I will rent from you again.

Such testinmonilas coming from cosmopilitan centers like London are a great compliment to us at Lviv apartments and they make all of our efforts all wothwhile.