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Lviv Apartments -Bramas

The ancient city centre of Lviv is dotted with a great variety of “Bramas” or doors or gateways leading inside a building.  These doors are an integral part of the architecture in Lviv as Lviv ‘s history dates back to the medieval era when these gates protected people’s dwellings. 

Apart from have a a significant historical presence they also have magnificent a beauty and charm. I one is unique. As you walk along the narrow , cable stoned sidewalks you are always taken aback with the discovery of yet another amazing “Brama” . Be they wooden or metal or a mixture of both , they never cease to amaze.

The locals take great pride in restoring and caring for their “Bramas” . Unfortunately, Graffitti has become a popular trend in Lviv and this has been very unfortunate for the beautiful “Bramas” . Hopefully this trend will not last much longer or the new police force will catch the culprits.

We at Lviv apartments cherish the historical feaures of our museum like city. Therefore, we promote the restoration and preservation of the architectural details here. 


European charm in Lviv

Lviv aspires to joining the European Union. In Ukraine , it is the most like to do so as it borders Europe and resembles Europe with its Autro-Hungarian architecture and it’s impeccable charme.

Here many speak English as tourism is a main industry . Also, many bright young entrepreneurs are strong in the IT technology which will lead them straight to Eurpore.

We at Lviv apartments hope that Lviv will fulfill it’s dream as it so deserves it.    

A passage to Lviv apartments

  Lviv is famous for .the concept of the “Passage”. This is a passage way leading to another street or to an inner courtyard.  This walk ways also lead to entrances of buildings such as in the photo shown here at #35 Svododa – a lviv apartment.  Many of these passages are testimonies to  the glory of the Austro- Hungarian style that predominates Lviv architecture. 

As shown here, many passages are decorated with classical masks and columns. Unfortunately, many are still in disrepair and in desperate need of restoration which will hopefully happen soon. 

Lviv apartments celebrate. 300 years

  Lviv is steeped in history -this is a well known fact – but 300 years  beats many world records. 1715  is as far back as historians have gone to mark the beginnings of Lviv as a city. However , excavations show a much older centre dating back to medieval times and beyond. 

Recently construction bulldozers have dug up a very ancient underground city with arched passages, small dwellings and stairs all made of ancient brick. Unfortunately the plan is to land fill this site and build yet another hotel over it ( Krakivska St. One block west of Ploshta Rynok) .

As Lviv restores it’s Austro-Hungarian architecture it must as well take into account .the treasures that lye below. 

Shady infrastructure near Lviv Apartments

Believe it or not! this recent photograph  shows a very dangerous looking sidewalk on the east side of the Opera House. Appalling isn’t it! 

This sort of sidewalk is not unsusual in central Lviv.  Actually is common place. some sidewalks ( for example in the central Market Square) have been repaired a number of times and the next year they turn out worse than before. 

Please Lviv- show some respect for your citizens and tourists – fix your sidewalks  and fix them properly. 


Lviv apartments far removed from the War Front

The Media portrays the whole of Ukraine Under siege and as a result foreigners fear travelling to Lviv. This is terribly counterproductive.  Tourism is the mainstay of Lviv’s economy  and the people there need to know that they have the support of foreigners not their fear. 

Lviv is thousands of Kilometers from the war zone and it is just one hour from the Polish  border which is NATO and Euro protected. 

We are Lviv apartments encourage foreigners to come and relish in the beauty and history that is Lviv. Here life is one festival after another with the streets littered with Cafes and musicians. 


Lviv apartments welcomes positive imagery in Lviv

Lviv is full of creativity and very imaginative creations. It is the total antithesis so the war and destruction that is going on.presently in the Eastern provinces of Ukraine.
This photo portrays on of the numerous cafe terraces and their colourful Umbrellas. This particular terrace is immediately in front of the world famous Opera House at the northern most tip of Prospeckt Svoboda.
At the top of the Umbrellas are attached beautiful ballet dancers . These dancers are made of a light shiny metal and so they sparkle in the sun and dance with the wind. the idea is truly brilliant. We at Lviv apartments believe that such images promote the peace and the wonder that persist in Lviv in-spite of the war that is shown throughout the world on daily news broadcasts. Bravo Lviv- peace will always be a drawing card for the beautiful city.

Lviv Apartments declares Lviv a safe haven inspite of conflicts in the East

Lviv is miles (or rather kilometres) away from the war torn areas of Donesk and Luhansk.
There is no problem whatsoever to travel to beautiful Lviv . Firstly, Lviv is a European
city where the majority of the citizens speak Ukrainian . Therefore, there are no pro- Russian separatists there.
The citizens of Lviv are peace loving !
People in general are influenced by mass media which tends to dominate our thoughts and reactions. The 6 O’clock news in North America is very sensational and promotes death and tragedy the world throughout.
We at Lviv Apartments encourage people to travel to Lviv as it’ s economy desperately needs encouragement from foreign tourism.
The residents of Lviv will be thrilled to see you and they will greet you with open arms for they know that the world fears their country and only sees the bombings and destruction rather than the amazing culture and life that actually exists in Lviv presently.

Serhiy Parajanova recognized by Lviv apartments


Lviv has always been recognized as a highly sophisticated cultural centre. Many famous artists have chosen to live here and practice their art here ( Freud and Masoch to name a few. Another such artists was the master of cinema – Serhiy Parajanova. Parajanova was a soviet film director who made significant contributions to Ukrainian, Armenian, and Georgian cinema. the Soviets initially rejected his works because of his homosexuality ( as they continue to discriminate to this day ) . When he was finally discovered by the civilized world his masterly genius was recognized and celebrated. His most famous works – The colour of pomegranates (1968) and Shadows of our forgotten ancestors were amazing idiosyncratic studies of folklore in the Soviet Society.
Walking along the myriad of cobble stone streets of Lviv I stumbled upon this larger than life poster of Parajanova and I was reminded , once again, of the multitude of talent that have lived and still live in Lviv. we at Lviv apartments are proud of the artistic heritage of our beautiful city.

Lviv apartments are very safe and quiet places to visit now

Lviv is a cultural centre ! The attached photo shows the amazing interior of the National Museum which houses the most extensive Icon collection in the world.
This is just one of the many reasons tourists love Lviv.
Lviv depends on tourism and it is really important for tourists to understand that there is absolutely no danger in. Visiting Lviv during these very difficult times in Ukraine. The greatest gift people can make to Ukraine is to support the tourism in Lviv . People there need to know that visitors want to see their beautiful city and they they will not let me ca propaganda prevent them from Visiting Lviv. Lviv is thousands of miles from the Russian border where Russian Terrorists are creating havoc.
We at Lviv apartments encourage people to Visit Lviv now. Come encourage the, come help their economy, come and show them that you support their culture and their desire fr democracy and freedom.