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Romance at Lviv Apartments

There is no doubt that Lviv has got to be the most romantic city on earth! Of course, people refer to Paris or Venice when they think of Romantic Cities. But think again. Lviv has all the elements for creating a romantic atmosphere. the cobbled stone streets are everywhere and they take one back to a very nostalgic era. The architecture is loaded with romantic elements. Take a good look at the inserted photo and tell me that it does not epitomize ROMANCE. Everywhere there are arches , domes , and ornate wrought iron. These features transport one back to the days of Romeo and Juliette.
The balconies beacon lovers, the massive doorways invite Romantic interludes. There is no end to the fantasy.
We at Lviv apartments are overwhelmed by the romance of Lviv and have welcomed many lovers to visit.

Money Exchange for Lviv apartment dwellers

Ukraine is experience a deep financial crisis. it has never really recovered from the global crisis
The situation is getting more and more serious by that day. The local currency called the “Hryvnia” is sadly and quickly devaluating . Presently one can buy 8:80 Hryvnia to one American dollar. Just last month the rate was at 8:10 . Predictions are that it may go as high as 12 Hryvnia to the dollar in the early New Year.
of course this means bargains for the tourists. money can be exchanged at small kiosks at almost every steer corner. buyer beware as rates do vary. the cost of living is excellent for visitors as they can affor to wine and dine and buy
Overly local items at excellent prices.
However, this spells disaster for the locals. for the locals, already inflation is very high in Lviv. people receive very small wages ( $350 monthly is the average) and pensioners receive a pittance ( $100 monthly is the average) . The cost of food items is very high and in many cases prices are higher than in Europe or in America! people are already limiting their diets to Borscht and Potato soup.
This is a very sad situation.
we at Lviv apartments hope that this situation will improve soon so that the innocent people of Lviv can live normal and prosperous Lives.

doughnut festival a delight at Lviv Apartmenst


Ah the Holidays- feasting and eating! the holidays festivities in Lviv are no exception. !
From January 6- 8 Lviv will be celebrating it’s annual Doughnut festival – locally known as “The Pampukh Sviata” .
This event will draw huge crowds of locals and tourists to the “Ploshta Rynok” or City Hall Square.
There will be doughnut tasting , master classes on how to make the perfect doughnut, dough it eating contests and on and on.
hosting a festival focused on Doughnuts exemplifies how jovial and happy go lucky the people of Lviv are. Any excuse to celebrate!
The Square will be filled – standing room only and there will be song, and cheer, and overall a wonderful time.
we at Lviv Apartments congratulate such festivities and we can’ wait to taste this local Christmas. Delicatesse.

We at Lviv apartments congratulate Lviv

Asian fusion at Lviv apartments

Lviv certainly has changed since I firsts went there over 15 years ago. What a transformation!
Back then it was difficult to get milk in your coffee. Even the request of coffee with milk was greeted with very strange looks and a negative response. Now, of course, you can get every coffee under the sun here and an “Americano z’molokom ” ( American coffee with milk) is very common place.
As the photo insert shows, noodLes on the run are also now common place in Lviv. This little take out place on Krakivska Street ( just atound the corner from City Hall) offers boxed noodles with a Thai flavour. no one is surprised, no one takes a second look.
Gone are the days when a handful of restaurants strictly offered local dishes ( pearogies and cabbage rolls) . Now, Asian cuisine is all the rage. Sushi is very popular here with 24 hour restaurants ( a chain called Japan House) .
Pizza and Italian cuisine is also de rigour With pizza joints at almost every street corner.
We at Lviv Apartments encourage such change and ” progress” as we strongly believe that variety is the spice of life ( no pun intended) . And so vive la difference.

Christmas fairs abound near Lviv Apartmensts


Christmas fairs have become a huge tourist winter attraction all over Europe. Tourists travel from all over North America to many European countries primarily visiting Christmas markets . These tourists buy rather expensive tours whereby guides take them from city to towns in individual and even in varied countries visiting Christmas markets. it has become a very popular tourist destination.
Lviv too has a great Christmas market – called the ” YARMOROK” . It is composed of a series of Swiss – like wooden cabins where vendors sell absolutely everything under the sun as Christmas gifts. most of the items for sale are locally hand made – Beautiful hand woven scarves, tukes, slippers, and even parkas are brought in from the Carpathian mountains where sheep’s wool is plentiful. Pure bees- wax candles are also very big sellers .
There are many kiosks selling food from the traditional perigees and cabbage rolls to more contemporary fare like candies apples and pretzels. table and stools are strewn about so that the buying public can take a break and just soak in the atmosphere. here, local musicians serenade and costumed vendors add colour and drama.
We at Lviv Apartments believe that the markets in Lviv are far more unique and original than in other European centres as Lviv is still untouched by mass commercialism. Also, very important, the cost of items at the Lviv Christmas market are still very affordable.
Come enjoy the Lviv Christmas market before it becomes such a destination you will not be able to afford it.


Lights, camera, action at Lviv Apartments


Lviv has altogether a differ flavour when the sun sets and the city lights go on. the mood is very different as one is more focused on the city lights than on the architecture which is lit by daylight.
The mood is very romantic and very special.
The tendency recently , has been to spot light many of the architecturally important building in the old city centre. the effect is magical. this light show also includes the changing of colours which is awesome.
the Domicanska Cathedral is probably the most striking as there are many lit statues and the colours are many and they change frequently.
This trend of light buildings is witnesses throughout Europe and of course Lviv is a very European city
This trend has become so popular that Lviv occasionally offers night tours where by these lit gems are featured and their history is described
BRAVO – Lviv! We at Lviv Apartments congratulate all of your efforts to beautiful your amazing City.

skating time near Lviv Apartments

there is so much to do and see in Lviv that I am always amazed how people can carry on with whirlwind tours and visit Lviv for two or three days!
This is virtually impossible. how could one possible remember anything with that short of a visit?
In the ” Ploshta Rynok” or City All square alone, there are a myriad of activities to witness or participate in- year round.
the inserted photo shows the annual ice rink that is set up near the City Hall building. There you can reminisce about youth and winter festivities. . Or you can rent a pair of skates and get on the ice and show off your skills and talents. The rink is surrounded by pleasant music, winter lights and kiosks that offer anything from hot chocolate to roasted chestnuts. In any case, the experience is memorable and most enjoyable.
We at Lviv Apartments want to thank the administration at City Hall for providing annually such a great winter get away right in the heart of the city.

Folk Christmas at Lviv Apartments

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The Christmas window displays in Lviv today rival all the glitz and glamor of Sasks Fith Ave. – New York.
This phenomenon of Christmas trees, balls, artificial snow, garlands etc.. Is fairly recent to Ukraine. I would say that this tradition began approximately 4-5 years ago. As Ukraine struggles to join the west by hoping to join the European Union , it embraces many cultural traditions along the way. for example , it is common ( in the last few years) to celebrate St. Valentina's Day and even Halloween.
fortunately, the old Folk traditions have not been lost and hopefully the new generation will have the culture and intelligence to preserve them. the inserted photo shows plywood cut outs of folkloric figures symbolic of the characters popular with Children. Fairy Tales at Christmas. so bright, colourful and definitely original and unique.
We at Lviv Apartments hope that the old traditions will live along – side by side – with the new ones.
Recently, at the Halutsky Bazar ( a downtown farmers market) I saw vendors selling American Style Christmas trees right beside the traditional local trees that were made of sheaths of wheat- how wonderful!


euro maidan visible from Lviv Apartments

This photo depicts the aspirations of a new generation of Ukrainians . It cleverly incorporates two very important concepts. firstly there is the traditional flag of the European Union ( a solid blue background with a a circle of gold stars in the centre) . secondly , within the circle of stars is the National symbols of Ukraine known as the ” three Zube” .
This image has surfaced everywhere lately as Ukrainians aspire to join a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.
It is found on Christmas balls and decorations, wearable head bands and T Shirts, even of glazes of edible doughnuts. It has become a ubiquitous symbol of the Euro maidan.
It has become a particularly strong and unifying image as hundreds of Thousands of Ukrainians have gathered under this symbol to protest a government that refuses to take them to Europe and is more so leading them into the old Sphere of Russian influence.
We at Lviv Apartments support this flag and hope that soon it will fly freely throughout Ukraine and Europe.
this will be a long struggle as the authorities control the police and the courts and refuse to listen to the demands of it’ s people. Rather than listen and respect this new flag they are censoring all media, aggressively dispersing the protests, negating journalists, and embezzling more and more monies from an already defaulting economy. the situation is crucial and the outcome is unknown.
Hopefully time will reveal a triumphant ending where the blue and gold glad flies high and proud.

EuroMaidan as seen by Lviv apartments

Lviv is a peace loving cultural centre. it is a very quiet and and pacifist society. I have never once felt threatened there. Quite to the contrary, one feels very relaxed there and regardless of your attire or skin colour the locals never stare or ridicule . they are very accepting of everyone and more so allow everyone to express their individuality.
Of course the citizens of Lviv have expressed their political opinions lately concerning their Governments refusal to join the European Trade Association. Mainly students have protested quite boisterously against a corrupt regime that refuses to listen to their demands.

The youth of Lviv deserve a life that leans towards European standards of Democracy and freedom.
From the inserted photo, one can tell that the protests ( what remains of them now) were very small in Lviv compared to the activities at the Independence square in Kyiv. many activists in Lviv are camping out in Kyiv.
Lviv is now flooded with tourists who want to witness their great Religious holidays and traditions. it is a very safe environment for foreigners. I encourage everyone to promote the Tourism in Lviv at this time as it’ s economy highly depends on it.
Lviv will continue to struggle for it ‘s rights to a better life – it will do so in a peaceful and civilized manner. We at Lviv apartments hope that the authorities in Ukraine will have the sensibilities to respond to their legitimate demands.
“Slava Ukraina” .