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The disabled finally get attention near Lviv apartment 

The saying goes that there were no disabled people in the USSR! Well there certainly was no street accessibility for them. The old infrastructure consisted of broken down sidewalks with very irregular accessibility. One never saw a wheel chair on the streets and one had to wonder about the limited  movability of these poor people.

Finally progress is beginning to arrive in this regard. The recent new construction of sidewalks on “Propect Svoboda” (Lviv’s main avenue) ¬†in corporates graduation from street level to the sidewalk – revolutionary !

Tourism is demanding this sort of change – especially senior tourists who insist on accessibility to the public washrooms.

Now the veterans returning from the Donbas war front too will insist that the mayors of city provide them with the infrastruction that allows them to move freely with the city.

We at Lviv Apartments are thrilled to see such progress and realize that it will take much time and money to get the city centre all wheelchair accessible.

Soldiers parade near Lviv Apartments

The sight of soldiers parading or simply strolling along in the Lviv centre is not uncommon these days . in fact it is almost a daily occurrence. Lviv is peaceful and very far away from the war zone front line.  Still, many soldiers train near Lviv ( under the professional guidance oOf American and Canadian soldiers) . Also many soldiers who go to “protect their. Sovereignty” are originally from Lviv.

Every weekend there are various fundraising events to gather money for the war cause. The most popular seems to be craft and bake sales by volunteer women.

We at Lviv Apartments wish these youn men the best  for their. Courageous deeds.


European charm in Lviv

Lviv aspires to joining the European Union. In Ukraine , it is the most like to do so as it borders Europe and resembles Europe with its Autro-Hungarian architecture and it’s impeccable charme.

Here many speak English as tourism is a main industry . Also, many bright young entrepreneurs are strong in the IT technology which will lead them straight to Eurpore.

We at Lviv apartments hope that Lviv will fulfill it’s dream as it so deserves it.    

Lviv apartments in the midst of high fashion

Lviv has always been very fashion conscious and walking along the city centre is like watching a fashion show. The locals dress to the nines even on ordinary work days. “There is also a very unique fashion sense here that rivals the runways of Paris and Milan. The fashion store windows are always well dressed.
Twice annually, Lviv hosts major fashion weeks showcasing local designers and inviting international guests.
This fall’s event was particularly interesting . To honour soldiers wounded in the present conflicts in the Donbas area,many Lviv designers sold garments from their collections offering these funds to help families of the wounded. Also the wives and daughters of these soldiers were featured as models on the runway.
Lviv apartments congratulations the Lviv Fashion Week for it’s generosity and patriotism.

Frescos abound near Lviv apartments

Art and antiquity surrounds you when walking about in central Lviv. However, one has to venture just a little bit deeper to unravel yet another layer of antiquity. Don’t be afraid to walk off the beaten path! Venture into the ” brahmas” or entrance ways otherwise know as “passage” . There you will find magnificent stairwells , amazing architectural details, intricately tiled floors. The photo insert is a superb example of such a treasure. The ceiling in this particular passage way is reminiscent of of a romantic and classical era. Appropriately, this beautiful fragment adorns the entrance to a favourite restaurant called ” Freska” . The owners were sensitive enough to delicately restore the ancient fresco for all to admire.
We at Lviv apartments applaud the entrepreneurs of Lviv who recognize the beautify of their architectural heritage.

Lviv apartments hopes for transparent election 2014

October 26 marks a very important date for the citizens of Ukraine. On this day people will go to the polls to elect a new parliament. There is much campaigning in the centre of Lviv.
The polls seem to indicate that the “Bloc” party led by the recently elected president – Petro Pososhenko will win a majority of seats. This victory would provide Ukraine with a pro-Eurpoean parliament.
This election is crucial as this is the time for Ukraine to create the reforms that are so desperately needed. The people who fought during the “Maidan” revolution desperately need a government that will clear the path towards Europe and rid the existing government of the massive corruption that continues to thrive.
The corrupt deputies of the Ousted Yanokovich regime are still running for seats – much to the dismay of the nationalists who are still fighting for change.
The poster herein translate as “Ukraine will overcome” .
We at Lviv apartments are hoping for the best- glory to Ukraine.

Lviv apartments awed by history

lviv apartments for rent
It is unimaginable to conceive of buildings being 600 years old. Especially coming from North America where architecture is relatively recent and modern.
Well such antiquity is not unusual for an ancient centre like Lviv. As the photo herein depicts the Polish Cathedral in central Lviv is celebrating 600 years this year. This magnificent structure is located on the Cathedral square and it is surrounded by expressive statues and cobble stone streets . It’s towering steeples act as a landmark for tourists and locals alike.
Lviv is like a living museum. At every street corner there is antiquity some dating as far back as the medieval ages. It is truly mind bobbling to image walking down the same streets where people walked centuries ago. The whole experience is awe inspiring.
We at Lviv apartments are thrilled to boast to our guests the antiquity that is Lviv.

Lviv Apartments sees no sign of war in Lviv- only welcome


As these two lively photos show -Lviv is a very lively and animated centre where at every street corner there are symbols and sculpture that welcome it’s visitors . These statues and sandwitch boards welcome one and all to the number ours eateries throughout the old city downtown core.
This is definitely a sign that there is nothing but peace and quiet in Lviv as both residents and visitors alike continue to enjoy their daily lives in peace and harmony.
How delightful the city is as it is adorned with a myriad of characters that invite you to join and enjoy.
We at Lviv apartments definitely encourage this sort of peace loving activity.

Lviv apartments welcomes positive imagery in Lviv

Lviv is full of creativity and very imaginative creations. It is the total antithesis so the war and destruction that is going on.presently in the Eastern provinces of Ukraine.
This photo portrays on of the numerous cafe terraces and their colourful Umbrellas. This particular terrace is immediately in front of the world famous Opera House at the northern most tip of Prospeckt Svoboda.
At the top of the Umbrellas are attached beautiful ballet dancers . These dancers are made of a light shiny metal and so they sparkle in the sun and dance with the wind. the idea is truly brilliant. We at Lviv apartments believe that such images promote the peace and the wonder that persist in Lviv in-spite of the war that is shown throughout the world on daily news broadcasts. Bravo Lviv- peace will always be a drawing card for the beautiful city.

Lviv Apartments says”make peace not war”

The entire world now knows that Ukraine exists. Prior to the terrorism ,destruction and murders by the Russian aggressors , very few people knew anything at all about Ukraine. how unfortunate that it took Russian bombs and thugs to place Ukraine on the map.
Well now let us tell you about a beautiful and peace loving city in Ukraine called Lviv. Welcome to the cultural capital of Ukraine – a very European city that promotes peace , love and coffee.
the world fears travel to what propaganda presents to them a war ravaged country .
We at Lviv Apartments welcome you to a lively city , with live street musicians at every corner. Come enjoy the beauty of its architecture that is adorned with flowers – not destroyed by Russian artillery.
Lviv encourages foreigners to come celebrate their new democracy , finally freed from the Former corrupt Russian puppet government.
come to Lviv to experience peace and love .
The photo insert is a statue ( light metal sculpture of a dancer) that twirls in the wind over the cafe in from of the Opera house in Lviv. all art and sculpture in Lviv celebrates life and denounces the unfortunate war in the Far East of their country.