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Lviv Apartments declares Lviv a safe haven inspite of conflicts in the East

Lviv is miles (or rather kilometres) away from the war torn areas of Donesk and Luhansk.
There is no problem whatsoever to travel to beautiful Lviv . Firstly, Lviv is a European
city where the majority of the citizens speak Ukrainian . Therefore, there are no pro- Russian separatists there.
The citizens of Lviv are peace loving !
People in general are influenced by mass media which tends to dominate our thoughts and reactions. The 6 O’clock news in North America is very sensational and promotes death and tragedy the world throughout.
We at Lviv Apartments encourage people to travel to Lviv as it’ s economy desperately needs encouragement from foreign tourism.
The residents of Lviv will be thrilled to see you and they will greet you with open arms for they know that the world fears their country and only sees the bombings and destruction rather than the amazing culture and life that actually exists in Lviv presently.

Serhiy Parajanova recognized by Lviv apartments


Lviv has always been recognized as a highly sophisticated cultural centre. Many famous artists have chosen to live here and practice their art here ( Freud and Masoch to name a few. Another such artists was the master of cinema – Serhiy Parajanova. Parajanova was a soviet film director who made significant contributions to Ukrainian, Armenian, and Georgian cinema. the Soviets initially rejected his works because of his homosexuality ( as they continue to discriminate to this day ) . When he was finally discovered by the civilized world his masterly genius was recognized and celebrated. His most famous works – The colour of pomegranates (1968) and Shadows of our forgotten ancestors were amazing idiosyncratic studies of folklore in the Soviet Society.
Walking along the myriad of cobble stone streets of Lviv I stumbled upon this larger than life poster of Parajanova and I was reminded , once again, of the multitude of talent that have lived and still live in Lviv. we at Lviv apartments are proud of the artistic heritage of our beautiful city.

Lviv apartments are very safe and quiet places to visit now

Lviv is a cultural centre ! The attached photo shows the amazing interior of the National Museum which houses the most extensive Icon collection in the world.
This is just one of the many reasons tourists love Lviv.
Lviv depends on tourism and it is really important for tourists to understand that there is absolutely no danger in. Visiting Lviv during these very difficult times in Ukraine. The greatest gift people can make to Ukraine is to support the tourism in Lviv . People there need to know that visitors want to see their beautiful city and they they will not let me ca propaganda prevent them from Visiting Lviv. Lviv is thousands of miles from the Russian border where Russian Terrorists are creating havoc.
We at Lviv apartments encourage people to Visit Lviv now. Come encourage the, come help their economy, come and show them that you support their culture and their desire fr democracy and freedom.

Ivasiuk a favourite at Lviv Apartments

Lviv has many heroes and many people whom they honour for theirs nationalism and patriotism.
One such hero is without a doubt – Volodymyr Ivasiuk
Ivasiuk was a famous songwriter , composer and poet. He rose to instant fame with his song entitled – “Chervona Ruta” ( red rue) which went viral in 1971 and made him a star of the Soviet Union. this beautiful song remains very popular and is almost as emotive as the national anthem.
The equally famous singer – Sofia Rotaru sang many of his original compositions and this made her very famous as well.
Ivasiuk was assassinated ( found hung in a forest on the outskirts of Lviv ) on May 18-1979 . The verdict was suicide but many suspect murder as he wrote and sang many anti-soviet pieces.
The photo inserted is a recent statue commemorating his fame in Lviv. it is located off Prospect Shevchenko near the music conservatory where he studied. this statue is near a large thorny metal wreath with his photo also on Schevchenka Blvd.
He is buried in the famous and ancient cemetery called Lychakivsky where also stands a beautiful Bronze in his memory.
We at Lviv apartments consider Cervona Ruta our favourite Ukrainian song .

History abounds near Lviv Apartments

Lviv is a city that has great pride in it’ history. Here, most citizens are very nationalistic and patriotic.
The photo exhibit, seen in the inserted photo, is just one of numerous such open air art and historical exhibits throughout the city. this beautiful collection of larger than life, sepia tone photos depicts some of the national heroes of the First World War era.
This exhibit is located in front of the Polish Cathedral and The Boiim Chapel on Halytska street. This area is for pedestrians only and so it is the perfect venue to showcase such an exhibit as people can take their time to study the images, read the captions and leisurely enjoy the art event.
We at Lviv apartments certainly encourage such beautiful exhibits. there are numerous such shows throughout the city. We hope that this trend will continue and grow as it is a a fantastic way to educate and stimulate both Young and old…

Money Exchange for Lviv apartment dwellers

Ukraine is experience a deep financial crisis. it has never really recovered from the global crisis
The situation is getting more and more serious by that day. The local currency called the “Hryvnia” is sadly and quickly devaluating . Presently one can buy 8:80 Hryvnia to one American dollar. Just last month the rate was at 8:10 . Predictions are that it may go as high as 12 Hryvnia to the dollar in the early New Year.
of course this means bargains for the tourists. money can be exchanged at small kiosks at almost every steer corner. buyer beware as rates do vary. the cost of living is excellent for visitors as they can affor to wine and dine and buy
Overly local items at excellent prices.
However, this spells disaster for the locals. for the locals, already inflation is very high in Lviv. people receive very small wages ( $350 monthly is the average) and pensioners receive a pittance ( $100 monthly is the average) . The cost of food items is very high and in many cases prices are higher than in Europe or in America! people are already limiting their diets to Borscht and Potato soup.
This is a very sad situation.
we at Lviv apartments hope that this situation will improve soon so that the innocent people of Lviv can live normal and prosperous Lives.

doughnut festival a delight at Lviv Apartmenst


Ah the Holidays- feasting and eating! the holidays festivities in Lviv are no exception. !
From January 6- 8 Lviv will be celebrating it’s annual Doughnut festival – locally known as “The Pampukh Sviata” .
This event will draw huge crowds of locals and tourists to the “Ploshta Rynok” or City Hall Square.
There will be doughnut tasting , master classes on how to make the perfect doughnut, dough it eating contests and on and on.
hosting a festival focused on Doughnuts exemplifies how jovial and happy go lucky the people of Lviv are. Any excuse to celebrate!
The Square will be filled – standing room only and there will be song, and cheer, and overall a wonderful time.
we at Lviv Apartments congratulate such festivities and we can’ wait to taste this local Christmas. Delicatesse.

We at Lviv apartments congratulate Lviv

Christmas fairs abound near Lviv Apartmensts


Christmas fairs have become a huge tourist winter attraction all over Europe. Tourists travel from all over North America to many European countries primarily visiting Christmas markets . These tourists buy rather expensive tours whereby guides take them from city to towns in individual and even in varied countries visiting Christmas markets. it has become a very popular tourist destination.
Lviv too has a great Christmas market – called the ” YARMOROK” . It is composed of a series of Swiss – like wooden cabins where vendors sell absolutely everything under the sun as Christmas gifts. most of the items for sale are locally hand made – Beautiful hand woven scarves, tukes, slippers, and even parkas are brought in from the Carpathian mountains where sheep’s wool is plentiful. Pure bees- wax candles are also very big sellers .
There are many kiosks selling food from the traditional perigees and cabbage rolls to more contemporary fare like candies apples and pretzels. table and stools are strewn about so that the buying public can take a break and just soak in the atmosphere. here, local musicians serenade and costumed vendors add colour and drama.
We at Lviv Apartments believe that the markets in Lviv are far more unique and original than in other European centres as Lviv is still untouched by mass commercialism. Also, very important, the cost of items at the Lviv Christmas market are still very affordable.
Come enjoy the Lviv Christmas market before it becomes such a destination you will not be able to afford it.


Folk Christmas at Lviv Apartments

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The Christmas window displays in Lviv today rival all the glitz and glamor of Sasks Fith Ave. – New York.
This phenomenon of Christmas trees, balls, artificial snow, garlands etc.. Is fairly recent to Ukraine. I would say that this tradition began approximately 4-5 years ago. As Ukraine struggles to join the west by hoping to join the European Union , it embraces many cultural traditions along the way. for example , it is common ( in the last few years) to celebrate St. Valentina's Day and even Halloween.
fortunately, the old Folk traditions have not been lost and hopefully the new generation will have the culture and intelligence to preserve them. the inserted photo shows plywood cut outs of folkloric figures symbolic of the characters popular with Children. Fairy Tales at Christmas. so bright, colourful and definitely original and unique.
We at Lviv Apartments hope that the old traditions will live along – side by side – with the new ones.
Recently, at the Halutsky Bazar ( a downtown farmers market) I saw vendors selling American Style Christmas trees right beside the traditional local trees that were made of sheaths of wheat- how wonderful!


euro maidan visible from Lviv Apartments

This photo depicts the aspirations of a new generation of Ukrainians . It cleverly incorporates two very important concepts. firstly there is the traditional flag of the European Union ( a solid blue background with a a circle of gold stars in the centre) . secondly , within the circle of stars is the National symbols of Ukraine known as the ” three Zube” .
This image has surfaced everywhere lately as Ukrainians aspire to join a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.
It is found on Christmas balls and decorations, wearable head bands and T Shirts, even of glazes of edible doughnuts. It has become a ubiquitous symbol of the Euro maidan.
It has become a particularly strong and unifying image as hundreds of Thousands of Ukrainians have gathered under this symbol to protest a government that refuses to take them to Europe and is more so leading them into the old Sphere of Russian influence.
We at Lviv Apartments support this flag and hope that soon it will fly freely throughout Ukraine and Europe.
this will be a long struggle as the authorities control the police and the courts and refuse to listen to the demands of it’ s people. Rather than listen and respect this new flag they are censoring all media, aggressively dispersing the protests, negating journalists, and embezzling more and more monies from an already defaulting economy. the situation is crucial and the outcome is unknown.
Hopefully time will reveal a triumphant ending where the blue and gold glad flies high and proud.