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Let’s speak Ukrainian at Lviv Apartments

Most tourists to Lviv (. And Ukraine) want to improve on their Ukrainian language  skills. At the very least, they want to hear the language spoken as this is a vital part of the cultural experience while travelling.  However, this is becoming more and more difficult .

Lviv Gras always been a fortress of the Ukrainian language however this is changing rather quickly as many from the war torn East are relocating to Lviv and their knowledge of the Ukrainian language is limited or their interest in speaking it is almost non- existent.  Unfortunately, the stigma that Russian language is elite and Ukraine language is peasant still persists.

The Ukrainian parliament is now considering introducing a new law to increase the amount of Ukrainian language heard on local television stations. Presently,it is almost impossible to find UkrainiN News broadcasts and when you do interviews inevitably turn to Russian language. 

This is a terrible shame and a terrible propagandistic attempt at eliminating the Ukrainian language.

Now, parliamentary laws  take time to implement ( especially in Ukraine ) . We at Lviv apartments sincerely hope that such laws will come into effect soon so as to guarantee the survival of the Ukrainian language.  

Lviv Apartments anxiously await Lviv’ s economic revival

 Investors are just waiting to get into Lviv as the investment potential is enormous.  Lviv is the westernmost city of Ukraine a mere half hour to the Polish Border. 

On January 1 St , Lviv woke up to free trade with the European Union – 500 million new customers. This has great possibilities  as wages in Lviv are 15 times lower than in Germany. Why wouldn’t investors want to manufacture here? 

The situation in War torn Eastern Donetsk is frightening but one has to realize the distance of this war from Lviv. Lviv is 1,200 Kilometers away.  This is comparable to distance between New York and Miami!

Then of course many would be investors worry about the lack of judicial order- the endemnic corruption which just does seem to go away!  The only consolation to thiis is that Lviv is dominated by the Samopomich. (Selfreliance) party ) which is somewhat more transparent and democratic than those in power in KYIV.

We at Lviv apartments are also waiting for investors to come and help the twittering economy in Lviv.  The locals are ready and willing to work , if only their parliament and Government would act on reforms! 


Corridors at Lviv Apartments are architectural gems

Lviv is an amazing city with countless architectural treasures. The average person and short term tourists can revel in this by just walking down the street and witnessing a myriad of architectural styles and wonders. 

But to meander inside the many corridors and inner courtyards adds a totally new dimension to the experience .

The carved wooden features are endless. The elements include marble, stone , stained glass and the list goes on and on! 

I many instances these gems are in dire need of restoration as budgets are scarce and limited. But there are examples of features are immaculate and gloriously intact. 

We at Lviv Apartments treasure the Architecture that has made lviv a Unesco protected site in the world.  

Exhibits educate public near Lviv Apartments

  There is a reality ley new trend in Lviv that has a very positive aura!  This is the recent appearance of street exhibits that are both educational and very attractive. 

These exhibits come in the form of large format plasticized posters that are mounted on metal stands. These type of shows are scattered about the city but mainly where there is pedestrian traffic only such as in the City Hall Square! 

These educational exhibits bring the Galery concept out to the public as many tourists and locals often feel inhibition at attending formal galleries. These outdoor events allow for integration and communication ! 

The themes vary from historical , architectural, art and artists, religion, etc…

We at Lviv Apartments welcome such innovative educational techniques and are always thrilled to see the new exhibit being set up. bravo Lviv! 

Lviv – The chocolate city

 Lviv is building a solid reputation as a European centre for delicious hand made chocolates. Tourists from around the world seek put these delicacies when they visit Lviv. Chocolate shops have long line ups of eager clients  all year long. 

The photo herein is aof a recent chocolate store – just recently opened in the centre of Lviv. Roshen is a very big chocolate business owned by the present president of Ukraine – Petro Po(Roshen) Ko ! 

There is some controversy around this chocolate manufacturer  because (by Law) the president should have sold his companies when he was elected. But the again , do laws ever really work in Ukraine.  To add salt to this wound Roshen has factories in Russia which mean that Ukraine president is paying taxes to it’s aggressor – Russia- Go figure. 

We ate Lviv apartment. Certain encourage entrepreneurs but would also like to see rule of law.

lviv Aparments proud that Lviv declared -Unesco City of Litterature

This it used to be that everywhere you turned in Lviv a new restaurant would pop up. People tend to grasp at what would be most popular and most likely be a successful economically.  With tourism growing, retardants  seem like a good business to open in Lviv. 

However, a new trend is happening and it is far more cultural and long standing as  a direction for Lviv. Book stores are now popping up everywhere and people frequent and support them whole heartedly. This will esteblashes Lviv more strongly as a great and important cultural centre. 

Of course restaurants help clean facades, interiors and sidewalks to each new establishment. This is indeed wonderful for Lviv as mush restoration is still required there – thanks to these businesses Lviv is looking attractive and protects Lviv’s reputation as a Unesco heritage architecturally. (the corrupt thieves at City Hall certainly are not concerned about making Lviv more liveable for its citizens and line their pockets rather that work on restauration and infrastruction so thank you local business men and women) .

As Lviv is dedicated as a Unesco literary centre we at Lviv apartments are very proud.

Book stores abound and literary events become common place, poetry readings even happen on the streets right along side the musicians. Lviv already hosts two major annual book fares ( reportedly the largest in Europe) .

This major announcement comes at a time when everyone feared that the Ukrainian language’s existence was threatened by the Russian language ( In Ukraine  95 percent of magazine publications are in Russian Language and 70 percent of television programs are Russian language) .  This new found literary energy will undoubtedly encourage more Ukrainian language publications and more pride in the national language. 

Now we need for the Governents to get on board and protect the language with laws that will insist on exposing Ukrainian above Russian in all spheres of Litterature Nd public life. 


Unique display surround Lviv Apartments 

Just recently A group of artistic people began wrapping colourful materials on the trunks of the trees in central Lviv! Local citizens walking by were baffled and amused. Then the arctics hung a myriad of whimsical bird cages on these tress. 

This was to commemorated the Opening of a new store. Surely this sort of publicity would attract many potential clients inside.

This is just another example of how creative Lviv is and of the many unique displays created here to beautify the city scape.

We at Lviv Apartments hope that creativity will carry on in Lviv as people have come to expect it. 


Lviv Apartments -Bramas

The ancient city centre of Lviv is dotted with a great variety of “Bramas” or doors or gateways leading inside a building.  These doors are an integral part of the architecture in Lviv as Lviv ‘s history dates back to the medieval era when these gates protected people’s dwellings. 

Apart from have a a significant historical presence they also have magnificent a beauty and charm. I one is unique. As you walk along the narrow , cable stoned sidewalks you are always taken aback with the discovery of yet another amazing “Brama” . Be they wooden or metal or a mixture of both , they never cease to amaze.

The locals take great pride in restoring and caring for their “Bramas” . Unfortunately, Graffitti has become a popular trend in Lviv and this has been very unfortunate for the beautiful “Bramas” . Hopefully this trend will not last much longer or the new police force will catch the culprits.

We at Lviv apartments cherish the historical feaures of our museum like city. Therefore, we promote the restoration and preservation of the architectural details here. 


Cosmopilitan flair near Lviv Apartments

The latest in cosmopolitan flavour in central Lviv is “Tante Sohie” (Aunt Shophy) a French Restaurant with very haute cuisine – What else!

Everywhere time you turn the corner in Lviv a new restaurant is opening- where do the clients come from one asks? For a small city that has seen a decline in tourism due to the war scare the competition is fierce . Therefore new ideas are “de rigour” .

This tiny and intimate restaurant specializes in Escargot- which is quite the exotic fare for the locals. Surely the residents of Lviv will be breve enough to open their culinary palettes to this French delicassy .  The waiter informs that the Escargot are from the Carpathian Mountains and feed on the grape vines of Uzhorod- what an organic delight.

The other main item of interest on the menu are – naturally – Frog Legs  . A menu would not be French without them.

The decors is definitely French with bistro tables and the very French Provençal blue scheme.  The waiters are classic with their crisp white shirts and long black aprons.

We at Lviv apartments hope that this lovely little “bijoux” will survive as Lviv needs more exoticism in it’s eateries.Lately there has been a glut of pizzerias so this new concept is a welcome addition to Lviv’ s European charm!

Soldiers parade near Lviv Apartments

The sight of soldiers parading or simply strolling along in the Lviv centre is not uncommon these days . in fact it is almost a daily occurrence. Lviv is peaceful and very far away from the war zone front line.  Still, many soldiers train near Lviv ( under the professional guidance oOf American and Canadian soldiers) . Also many soldiers who go to “protect their. Sovereignty” are originally from Lviv.

Every weekend there are various fundraising events to gather money for the war cause. The most popular seems to be craft and bake sales by volunteer women.

We at Lviv Apartments wish these youn men the best  for their. Courageous deeds.