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Let’s cycle near Lviv Apartments

Lviv is the most western forward thinking City in Ukraine.  It looks ,feels and lives European.

A new Western trend in Lviv is Cycling!  In this ancient city where the narrow cobble stone streets are the Norm – cycling is the best solution.  Since Ukraine ‘s independence the abundance of cars has increased so rapidly that traffic congestions happen at all times during the day. Rather than sit in traffic  – cycle to your destination much faster.

Inspite of the new police force – parking anywhere ( especially on sidewalks) still is tolerated in Lviv. Ukraine legislature requires that the car owner be present to fine for Parking violations. Therefore, fines are difficult to impose.

Another major problem is the gas that fuels cars is unregulated and very dirty, the pollution makes the buildings black and the air makes ones lungs congested.

bravo Lviv for your move towards cycling. Many entrepreneurs have started renting bikes, there are more and more bicycle stands in the centre.

We at Lviv Apartments applaud the cycling movement in Lviv