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Lviv apartments welcomes positive imagery in Lviv

Lviv is full of creativity and very imaginative creations. It is the total antithesis so the war and destruction that is going on.presently in the Eastern provinces of Ukraine.
This photo portrays on of the numerous cafe terraces and their colourful Umbrellas. This particular terrace is immediately in front of the world famous Opera House at the northern most tip of Prospeckt Svoboda.
At the top of the Umbrellas are attached beautiful ballet dancers . These dancers are made of a light shiny metal and so they sparkle in the sun and dance with the wind. the idea is truly brilliant. We at Lviv apartments believe that such images promote the peace and the wonder that persist in Lviv in-spite of the war that is shown throughout the world on daily news broadcasts. Bravo Lviv- peace will always be a drawing card for the beautiful city.