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Lviv Apartments sees no sign of war in Lviv- only welcome


As these two lively photos show -Lviv is a very lively and animated centre where at every street corner there are symbols and sculpture that welcome it’s visitors . These statues and sandwitch boards welcome one and all to the number ours eateries throughout the old city downtown core.
This is definitely a sign that there is nothing but peace and quiet in Lviv as both residents and visitors alike continue to enjoy their daily lives in peace and harmony.
How delightful the city is as it is adorned with a myriad of characters that invite you to join and enjoy.
We at Lviv apartments definitely encourage this sort of peace loving activity.

Ivasiuk a favourite at Lviv Apartments

Lviv has many heroes and many people whom they honour for theirs nationalism and patriotism.
One such hero is without a doubt – Volodymyr Ivasiuk
Ivasiuk was a famous songwriter , composer and poet. He rose to instant fame with his song entitled – “Chervona Ruta” ( red rue) which went viral in 1971 and made him a star of the Soviet Union. this beautiful song remains very popular and is almost as emotive as the national anthem.
The equally famous singer – Sofia Rotaru sang many of his original compositions and this made her very famous as well.
Ivasiuk was assassinated ( found hung in a forest on the outskirts of Lviv ) on May 18-1979 . The verdict was suicide but many suspect murder as he wrote and sang many anti-soviet pieces.
The photo inserted is a recent statue commemorating his fame in Lviv. it is located off Prospect Shevchenko near the music conservatory where he studied. this statue is near a large thorny metal wreath with his photo also on Schevchenka Blvd.
He is buried in the famous and ancient cemetery called Lychakivsky where also stands a beautiful Bronze in his memory.
We at Lviv apartments consider Cervona Ruta our favourite Ukrainian song .

History abounds near Lviv Apartments

Lviv is a city that has great pride in it’ history. Here, most citizens are very nationalistic and patriotic.
The photo exhibit, seen in the inserted photo, is just one of numerous such open air art and historical exhibits throughout the city. this beautiful collection of larger than life, sepia tone photos depicts some of the national heroes of the First World War era.
This exhibit is located in front of the Polish Cathedral and The Boiim Chapel on Halytska street. This area is for pedestrians only and so it is the perfect venue to showcase such an exhibit as people can take their time to study the images, read the captions and leisurely enjoy the art event.
We at Lviv apartments certainly encourage such beautiful exhibits. there are numerous such shows throughout the city. We hope that this trend will continue and grow as it is a a fantastic way to educate and stimulate both Young and old…

Romance at Lviv Apartments

There is no doubt that Lviv has got to be the most romantic city on earth! Of course, people refer to Paris or Venice when they think of Romantic Cities. But think again. Lviv has all the elements for creating a romantic atmosphere. the cobbled stone streets are everywhere and they take one back to a very nostalgic era. The architecture is loaded with romantic elements. Take a good look at the inserted photo and tell me that it does not epitomize ROMANCE. Everywhere there are arches , domes , and ornate wrought iron. These features transport one back to the days of Romeo and Juliette.
The balconies beacon lovers, the massive doorways invite Romantic interludes. There is no end to the fantasy.
We at Lviv apartments are overwhelmed by the romance of Lviv and have welcomed many lovers to visit.

doughnut festival a delight at Lviv Apartmenst


Ah the Holidays- feasting and eating! the holidays festivities in Lviv are no exception. !
From January 6- 8 Lviv will be celebrating it’s annual Doughnut festival – locally known as “The Pampukh Sviata” .
This event will draw huge crowds of locals and tourists to the “Ploshta Rynok” or City Hall Square.
There will be doughnut tasting , master classes on how to make the perfect doughnut, dough it eating contests and on and on.
hosting a festival focused on Doughnuts exemplifies how jovial and happy go lucky the people of Lviv are. Any excuse to celebrate!
The Square will be filled – standing room only and there will be song, and cheer, and overall a wonderful time.
we at Lviv Apartments congratulate such festivities and we can’ wait to taste this local Christmas. Delicatesse.

We at Lviv apartments congratulate Lviv

Asian fusion at Lviv apartments

Lviv certainly has changed since I firsts went there over 15 years ago. What a transformation!
Back then it was difficult to get milk in your coffee. Even the request of coffee with milk was greeted with very strange looks and a negative response. Now, of course, you can get every coffee under the sun here and an “Americano z’molokom ” ( American coffee with milk) is very common place.
As the photo insert shows, noodLes on the run are also now common place in Lviv. This little take out place on Krakivska Street ( just atound the corner from City Hall) offers boxed noodles with a Thai flavour. no one is surprised, no one takes a second look.
Gone are the days when a handful of restaurants strictly offered local dishes ( pearogies and cabbage rolls) . Now, Asian cuisine is all the rage. Sushi is very popular here with 24 hour restaurants ( a chain called Japan House) .
Pizza and Italian cuisine is also de rigour With pizza joints at almost every street corner.
We at Lviv Apartments encourage such change and ” progress” as we strongly believe that variety is the spice of life ( no pun intended) . And so vive la difference.

Lviv apartments welcome international flavour


Lviv has been very keen and very quick to adapt to modern times Essentially it has had to respond to the concept of supply and demand. By this I mean that Lviv is quickly responding to what tourists want.
This photo insert shows a kiosks in the City Hall Square that promotes large bagels. This food is certainly not native to Ukraine and has just very recently appeared on the local scene. Savvy entrepreneurs have been to Vienna or Krakow and they have seen there how tourists are buying such bagels and therefore have imported this idea to Lviv. Very clever and very lucrative.
The result of this kind of research and entrepreneurial initiative has led to numerous such imports.
Just to name a few foreign items now commonly found in Lviv we can name- roasted chestnuts, gelato ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy and the list goes on and on.
We at Lviv apartments congratulate these business minded people and anticipate even more novelties coming to downtown Lviv in the near future.

Sweets abound near Lviv Apartments


Lviv has a long and illustrious history of chocolate manufacturing. For decades people all overr the world sought out the chocolate delicacies from this part of the world.
The most famous company was “Cbitoch” which dominated the market . it was the most perfect gift for tourists to take home during the Soviet Era.
Then ” Cbitoch” was bought by Nestly’s and that changed everything. according to the locals, the chocolate became very commercialized with this takeover . Apparently the chocolate lost it’s naturalness and many artificial sweeteners were adde to increase the profits.
In Lviv, one can still find many “Cbitoch” confectionaries that are still very popular and successful.
However, today , a new chocolate manufacturer has taken over in popularity. This Chocolate is called “Roshen” and is indeed very popular and very tasty. It apparently maintains natural ingredients and has a very large following in Ukraine and in the world.
Just recently , “Roshen” suffered economically due to a political scandal. Russian started to ban “Roshen” chocolates in an attempt to show Ukraine that they would suffer more trade bans if they are to join a Trade Association with Europe as opposed to joining a Customs Union with Russia
, Belarus and Kazakstan. Ukraine will hopefully sight the European agreement on November 17 th – 2013 in Vilnius Latvia. Until then, Russia will try to influence Ukraine towards their Customs Unian with trade embargo threats.
A number of independent chocolate manufacturers have also sprung up in Lviv’s old city centre. The photo insert shows the facade of a building ( just off the” Ploshta Runok” ). This building houses a very popular chocolate manufacturer . The large barrels and Urns attached to the building’s facade are from old Chocolate factories and certainly add yet another element of uniqueness to marvel the tourists in Lviv.
we at Lviv apartments applause independent ventures and are amazed at the competition for grabbing tourist attention in our beautiful city.

Pedestrians safer near Lviv Apartments

Cross at your own risk! This was ( and often still is) common practice in Lviv as pedestrians prepared the life threatening ordeal of crossing the street. Cars still are the macho power symbol here and pedestrians rights are constantly obstructed – Shame . . Even to cross on a green light one should check for speeding vehicles in defiance of traffic lights. as well, traffic lights often fail to work which creates total mayhem for pedestrians.
I remember waiting at crosswalks ( a relatively new concept in Lviv) where crowds would wait until there were no vehicles in sight before they dared to cross . This was because the locals refused to believe that car drivers would respect pedestrians. Also they understood how old habits die hard.
Crossing at crosswalk signs one always expected road rage drivers coming to a screeching stop- very frightening and uncultured.
Time heals all! With time , locals insisting on their pedestrian rights , and very importantly- tourists expecting to cross ( expecting drivers would obey the rules of the roads ) pedestrians crosswalks are slowly gaining respect and adherence.
We at Lviv apartments strongly support obedience to road signs and definitely encourage the rules of the road and above all respect for pedestrians.
Lviv is is actually working towards closing all of the old city centre to vehicular traffic. This would be the ideal! Already many streets are pedestrian traffic only ( occasional still disrespected) . On most Saturdays and Sundays -vehicular traffic is forbidden in the busy (4 lane) Prospect Svoboda – what a treat .
A pedestrian city would sure increase tourism 100 fold. Hopefully this concept will be implemented in the very near future.

European flare at Lviv Apartments

Lviv definitely has European flare! Yes it is located in Eastern Europe . Yes it was for a very long time part of the Soviet Block! Yes it still has a die- hard soviet system and mentality.
Nevertheless, it is very European.
The architecture is Austro-Hungarian Empire., with a distinctly European flare. Most of Ukraine ‘s Architecture was more so influenced by The Russian Empire.
The narrow cobble stone streets also add a European touch.
The tendency is to create more and more dining spaces with a European decor and cuisine. As the photo insert demonstrates , A bottle of wine and a loaf of home made bread is definitely a European tradition. In Kyiv, the tendency would probably be more toward vodka and caviar.
On November 17, at the Vilnius Summit, Ukraine hopes to sign very important documents with the European association bringing it even closer to European standards. Lviv and Western Ukraine are definitely voting for European integration. Russified Eastern Ukraine would rather join forces with Russia.
Regardless of politics, Lviv has always been and will always be a European influenced centre.
We at Lviv apartments hope that Ukraine will join the European association in the very near future.