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Lviv Apartments says”make peace not war”

The entire world now knows that Ukraine exists. Prior to the terrorism ,destruction and murders by the Russian aggressors , very few people knew anything at all about Ukraine. how unfortunate that it took Russian bombs and thugs to place Ukraine on the map.
Well now let us tell you about a beautiful and peace loving city in Ukraine called Lviv. Welcome to the cultural capital of Ukraine – a very European city that promotes peace , love and coffee.
the world fears travel to what propaganda presents to them a war ravaged country .
We at Lviv Apartments welcome you to a lively city , with live street musicians at every corner. Come enjoy the beauty of its architecture that is adorned with flowers – not destroyed by Russian artillery.
Lviv encourages foreigners to come celebrate their new democracy , finally freed from the Former corrupt Russian puppet government.
come to Lviv to experience peace and love .
The photo insert is a statue ( light metal sculpture of a dancer) that twirls in the wind over the cafe in from of the Opera house in Lviv. all art and sculpture in Lviv celebrates life and denounces the unfortunate war in the Far East of their country.

Rough Guide has positive statistics for Lviv apartments

The Rough Guide has just published a very important statistic for Lviv. It places Lviv as one of the 10 most desirable places to visit in the world! This is absolutely fantastic news for Lviv as tourism is it’ s major industry.
The Rough Guide is a world distributed and highly respected Travel Guide based out of England. Like it’ s competitors ( I.e.; the Lonely Planet , Michelin) it is widely read and it’ s opinions are respected the world throughout.
This recently published information could result in a huge influx of tourism to Lviv- this would be greatly welcomed ( especially after the recent press about protests and revolution there).
We at Lviv Apartments certainly believe that Lviv is worthy of this position. This Unesco protected architectural gem most certainly is one of the top ten must see destination in the world.


doughnut festival a delight at Lviv Apartmenst


Ah the Holidays- feasting and eating! the holidays festivities in Lviv are no exception. !
From January 6- 8 Lviv will be celebrating it’s annual Doughnut festival – locally known as “The Pampukh Sviata” .
This event will draw huge crowds of locals and tourists to the “Ploshta Rynok” or City Hall Square.
There will be doughnut tasting , master classes on how to make the perfect doughnut, dough it eating contests and on and on.
hosting a festival focused on Doughnuts exemplifies how jovial and happy go lucky the people of Lviv are. Any excuse to celebrate!
The Square will be filled – standing room only and there will be song, and cheer, and overall a wonderful time.
we at Lviv Apartments congratulate such festivities and we can’ wait to taste this local Christmas. Delicatesse.

We at Lviv apartments congratulate Lviv

Asian fusion at Lviv apartments

Lviv certainly has changed since I firsts went there over 15 years ago. What a transformation!
Back then it was difficult to get milk in your coffee. Even the request of coffee with milk was greeted with very strange looks and a negative response. Now, of course, you can get every coffee under the sun here and an “Americano z’molokom ” ( American coffee with milk) is very common place.
As the photo insert shows, noodLes on the run are also now common place in Lviv. This little take out place on Krakivska Street ( just atound the corner from City Hall) offers boxed noodles with a Thai flavour. no one is surprised, no one takes a second look.
Gone are the days when a handful of restaurants strictly offered local dishes ( pearogies and cabbage rolls) . Now, Asian cuisine is all the rage. Sushi is very popular here with 24 hour restaurants ( a chain called Japan House) .
Pizza and Italian cuisine is also de rigour With pizza joints at almost every street corner.
We at Lviv Apartments encourage such change and ” progress” as we strongly believe that variety is the spice of life ( no pun intended) . And so vive la difference.

Christmas fairs abound near Lviv Apartmensts


Christmas fairs have become a huge tourist winter attraction all over Europe. Tourists travel from all over North America to many European countries primarily visiting Christmas markets . These tourists buy rather expensive tours whereby guides take them from city to towns in individual and even in varied countries visiting Christmas markets. it has become a very popular tourist destination.
Lviv too has a great Christmas market – called the ” YARMOROK” . It is composed of a series of Swiss – like wooden cabins where vendors sell absolutely everything under the sun as Christmas gifts. most of the items for sale are locally hand made – Beautiful hand woven scarves, tukes, slippers, and even parkas are brought in from the Carpathian mountains where sheep’s wool is plentiful. Pure bees- wax candles are also very big sellers .
There are many kiosks selling food from the traditional perigees and cabbage rolls to more contemporary fare like candies apples and pretzels. table and stools are strewn about so that the buying public can take a break and just soak in the atmosphere. here, local musicians serenade and costumed vendors add colour and drama.
We at Lviv Apartments believe that the markets in Lviv are far more unique and original than in other European centres as Lviv is still untouched by mass commercialism. Also, very important, the cost of items at the Lviv Christmas market are still very affordable.
Come enjoy the Lviv Christmas market before it becomes such a destination you will not be able to afford it.