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Feel protected at Lviv apartments

Lviv is a very friendly, laid back, quiet and peaceful city. With a population of approximately 1 million people ,it is just the right size to be manageable and to have a very low crime rate.
It is my Impression that the police force has little to do to keep order in such a civilized city. even after dark one feels perfectly safe . I have had many women clients ( travelling alone) who have told me that they have never once felt threatened in Lviv – even after dark.
On the other hand , I have often remarked that there seem to be very few police men and women in the old Lviv city centre. Perhaps that is because they are not necessary. I believe that even just the presence of the militia in the centre creates a feeling of comfort and security especially for first time tourists who do not know the language and who might be experiencing a bit of culture shock.

Lately, the police in Ukraine as a whole has received much criticism . There was a very bad police rape case that recently received much press and much protest. Also, many citizens say that they fear the police as they are controlled by a corrupt government.
These negative factors aside, we at Lviv apartments always promote Lviv as a safe and hassle free environment with friendly and fun loving people.

Lviv international Airport-Euro Cup preparations!


The runway at the Lviv Airport

Preparations for the Euro Cup at the Lviv International airport continues to be a real roller coaster- will it be ready in time for the games?

Lviv feels the pressure from Donetsk and Karkhiv as they announce their advanced progress.  Lviv must step it up so as not to loose their bid to games that are essential to their Euro Tourism goals and ambitions.

Officials have just announced that the airport will reduce service in April in order to speed up the process of building its’ new terminal.

Tuesday service will be closed in April and the available runway will be reduced from 2,519 to 1,613 meters.

Hopefully this will not cause too much havoc for our Lviv apartment clients as they prepare their trips to Lviv this summer.

Happy New Year to our Lviv apartments guests

a street performer in Lviv at Malanka

Happy New Year to all of our special Lviv rental clients  celebrating January 14th – the Ukrainian New Year in accordance to the Julian Calendar.

This is the last of the Holiday festivities  and the last opportunity to party before the strict fasting period of Lent which proceeds Easter.

Traditionally, people go caroling or ” mumming” old ballads from house to house at this occasion .  The young boys dress in the very strange and outlandish costumes representing devils, gypsies and animals in search the lovely young mistress -Malanka!  A young bachelor is also chosen to dress in woman’s clothing to represent Malanka.

Ukraine is steeped in ritual and tradition making it a fascinating  place to visit.  We  look forward to your visit at our Lviv apartments which are always in the center of all the action.

Peace for 2011 from your Lviv apartments staff

Image of Stalin

Traditionally New Year’s Eve is a time  for good wishes , celebration,and the making of  positive resolutions.    Unfortunately,this was not the case this year in Ukraine!

This year , it was not fireworks and merry- making that dominated the News in Ukraine.  It was more so the  news story about  the bomb blasting of the bust of Stalin in Zaporiznia, Eastern Ukraine.  The Government jumped at the oppotrtunity to blame and suppress its opposition -The Svoboda Party.

Difficult to believe that the communists have just this year erected the bust of a man who created mass starvation in Ukraine , even more difficult to believe that Ukraine’s government allowed such an installation to happen!  This is a prime example of ” slave mentality” where such negative imagery has  been instilled in the people by centuries of imperial dominance.

I suppose life is a continuous search for justice.   Injustice and aggression will always be with us and yet we must struggle towards attaining  peace and harmony especially on the eve of a new year.

The Ukrainian people must now deal with a one of the word’s most corrupt  governments that is undermining it’s  freedom of speech and robbing it’s economy.

We and the staff  at our  Lviv apartments wish the peace loving people of Lviv  ( a people that has forever struggled for their nation) a year of  democracy and honest leadership.


St George the Dragon Slayer

I have always collected images and memorabilia about St.George.  I have found a treasure trove of these such items in the flea markets and antique shops of Lviv and have incorporated many of them into the Lviv apartment decor.

I have often wondered:  why the image of St. George the dragon slayer is so prevalent  in Lviv ?

The more famous sites are : the  Baroque-Rococo St. George Cathedral which has the famous Pinzel stone carvings of St. George.  The facade of the George Hotel ( named after its founder George Hoffman and not the Saint) is crowned with St. George in Bas- relief.  The magnificent Bronze of St George on his horse at Hryhorenko Square is very imposing .  The image is ubiquitous – building facades, corner niches, church iconography- it never ends!

This mythical Saint , whose history originates from central Turkey, has been revered in Ukraine since Volodimir the Great established Christianity in Ukraine in 988.  Perhaps it is his symbol as  protector of country that so appeals to the citizens of Lviv who have themselves always struggled to protect their homeland.

The above information is brought to you by our Lviv Apartment staff.  Please comments or responses are always welcome.

” BREAKING NEWS” for Lviv : (Lviv apartments)

investing in Lviv

Has anyone seen the disrepair of the sidewalks in Rynok Square lately?  Do people realize that these very sidewalks were repaired just a few years ago?  Funds for projects in Lviv are often misused or abused! Investing in Ukraine is tricky and often at a loss due to corruption and unethical practices.

Nonetheless, 6 European countries are willing to start a major investment program in Lviv, in early 2011.  The leader among these countries is France.  The French Ambassador in Kiev, Jacques Faure,  was just to Lviv to speak to officials about their plans .  They even have plans to train Lviv specialists in France.

These countries see  Lviv as a major tourist destination, they for see the Euro Cup success ,and  they know that Lviv has put in a bid for the 2022 Olympics.

They want to work strictly in Lviv because they feel that it is a nationalistic and patriotic center that is more likely to favor the EU than Russia.

The above story is brought to you by our staff at Lviv apartments .  Please send us your comments and responses.

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Lviv – in a land of Turmoil : ( Apartments in Lviv)

The Flag of Ukraine

Today it is all over the international press from the New York Times to the CBC and CNN : Ukraine’s parliamentarians fighting and striking each other with chairs in their house of parliament ( Verkhovna Rada ).  Wasn’t it just a short while ago that they were seen internationally throwing eggs at one another!

Ukraine has had a very turbulent history .  It had hoped  that the Orange Revolution( 2004) would have given it democracy and stability.  То no such avail!

Lviv only really wants to go to the Euro Zone while the president- Yanakovych  fights to move the country towards Russia.

Our lviv apartments offer all of the up to date breaking news stories by means of Satellite television in every suite.

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Not a minute to loose in LVIV : ( Lviv apartments)

The clock tower at Rynok Square in Lviv

London’s Big Ben- been there – done that.  The Lviv Clock Tower , now that is the new tourist destination!  The Habsburg built this tower in  1531 and provided the 19th century clock mechanism that keeps perfect time to this day.

Whenever I meander in the old Rynok or (Market) square and check out the time on the clock tower I feel connected  to history, connected to people who have counted on this timepiece ( the oldest functioning timepiece in the world ) for centuries.  This is a very special feeling indeed.

There is an observation deck at the top of the tower with a birds eye view of the City- its worth the climb!

I also feel the patriotism here as the flag waves proudly a top the tower. This was the first public venue to wave the Ukrainian flag upon Ukraine’s independence from the Russian Empire in 1991.

Please note that our Lviv apartments all have printed materials about the many tours to be had in Lviv.

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Lviv- a living museum : (Lviv apartments)

The Pharmacy museum in Lviv

To say that Lviv is a living museum is an understatement.  Its’ famous Apteka museum is to this day a functional drugstore where on can buy medications and pharmaceuticals as tourists awe at its antiquity.  The locals take living in a museum for granted.  Shopping here has always been a normal part of their urban experience.

You can’t miss the museum for it is strategically located on the Rynok Square at # 2 Drukarska St.  The building’s facade has stunning  bas-relief images of Medicine and hygiene making it impossible to miss.  Dating back to 1735, it has remarkable features such as hand painted ceilings and glorious original tiled floors.  The pride and joy of its vast collection of pharmaceutical memorabilia are the  oil lamps because Lviv was the inventor  of oil lamps .  The museum has 16 halls so plan to stay a while.

Our apartments in Lviv may also be called living museums.  In fact this is often the response of clients upon first viewing the suite.

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FROM DUSTY ROSE TO FIVE STAR LUXE Hotel in Lviv: ( apartments in Lviv)

The George Hotel in Lviv

The George Hotel in Lviv is a  Neo-Renaissance style gem ! It was built in 1901 by the famous  Helmer and Felmer architects from Vienna , during the Austrian-Hungarian Empire .  In it’s heyday it entertained the cultural elite with panache and lavish style like a grand old dame.

During the Soviet Regime it became part of the “intourist ” chain .  At this time the “George” was the only hotel where tourists could stay in Lviv and it is rumored that Secret Police – “bugs” were  wired in all of the rooms, under all of the beds.  During this period the hotel slowly declined to the status of dusty rose, with threadbare carpets and soviet style furniture.  Inspite of its 50$ rooms with shared bath, it never lost its reputation and stature as a focal city landmark.

Last year the ” George” underwent a complete makeover transforming it into a five star luxury establishment.  This comes at a price!  Gone is the original Chinese Restaurant, with hand painted vintage  murals, and the smokey old style cafe stand up bar where milk with your coffee never did quite catch on.

At our Lviv apartments we have very carefully respected all vintage elements so as to provide an original and unique experience for our valued clients.

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