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lviv Aparments proud that Lviv declared -Unesco City of Litterature

This it used to be that everywhere you turned in Lviv a new restaurant would pop up. People tend to grasp at what would be most popular and most likely be a successful economically.  With tourism growing, retardants  seem like a good business to open in Lviv. 

However, a new trend is happening and it is far more cultural and long standing as  a direction for Lviv. Book stores are now popping up everywhere and people frequent and support them whole heartedly. This will esteblashes Lviv more strongly as a great and important cultural centre. 

Of course restaurants help clean facades, interiors and sidewalks to each new establishment. This is indeed wonderful for Lviv as mush restoration is still required there – thanks to these businesses Lviv is looking attractive and protects Lviv’s reputation as a Unesco heritage architecturally. (the corrupt thieves at City Hall certainly are not concerned about making Lviv more liveable for its citizens and line their pockets rather that work on restauration and infrastruction so thank you local business men and women) .

As Lviv is dedicated as a Unesco literary centre we at Lviv apartments are very proud.

Book stores abound and literary events become common place, poetry readings even happen on the streets right along side the musicians. Lviv already hosts two major annual book fares ( reportedly the largest in Europe) .

This major announcement comes at a time when everyone feared that the Ukrainian language’s existence was threatened by the Russian language ( In Ukraine  95 percent of magazine publications are in Russian Language and 70 percent of television programs are Russian language) .  This new found literary energy will undoubtedly encourage more Ukrainian language publications and more pride in the national language. 

Now we need for the Governents to get on board and protect the language with laws that will insist on exposing Ukrainian above Russian in all spheres of Litterature Nd public life.