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Travel to Lviv apartments in style

The reconstruction and restoration of Lviv was and still is a massive project. Lviv is a fairly large centre with a population of approximately 800 thousand people. this substantial city was basically left unattended for the period that it was occupied by the Russians during the Soviet Union. Buildings were dark and dirty with bricks and mortar falling left and right. Sidewalks were filled with pot holes, the infrastructure was a bomb waiting to explode. A few years after Ukraine’ independence in 1991 the economy stated getting healthier and slowly tourists began to visit. Slowly the renovations began and today Lviv is an architectural wonder that is clean, restored and beautiful.
Scaffolding still exists where even more building are being gentrified. Civic pride has greatly improved.
The picture in this blog shows the new buses that service locals and foreigners alike. These modern trams and buses are made in Lviv and are the pride of the city. Not long along rickety old trams ran noisily in the city. Now the new buses give Lviv a brand new look.
We at Lviv apartments are so proud of this progress.