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I lviv apartments support pensioners 

Come rain, hail, wind, snow or sunshine this elder pensioners stands at this central city cover all year round selling shoe laces and felt insoles for shoes. He does this to supplement an meaner pension . 

Just down the street from him an older lady sells socks So that she can buy her daily bread. These pensioners receive an average of $ 40 monthly ( 900 Hryvnia) .  This a a pathetic sum of money which leaves many elderly forced to beg or stay at home forced to eat potatoe soup all year long. 

How sad! This in europes worst corrupt country which is run and controlled  by multi billionaires who do not even pay taxes.  

The culture and tradition in Ukraine is such that the fortunate elderly live with their children ( often in small apartments) . The family unit keys everyone alive as  other who live on the country side with large gardens and animals help their city relatives survive the elements. 

We at Lviv Apartments hope for better times for the many seniors who suffer and struggle .