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The disabled finally get attention near Lviv apartment 

The saying goes that there were no disabled people in the USSR! Well there certainly was no street accessibility for them. The old infrastructure consisted of broken down sidewalks with very irregular accessibility. One never saw a wheel chair on the streets and one had to wonder about the limited  movability of these poor people.

Finally progress is beginning to arrive in this regard. The recent new construction of sidewalks on “Propect Svoboda” (Lviv’s main avenue) ¬†in corporates graduation from street level to the sidewalk – revolutionary !

Tourism is demanding this sort of change – especially senior tourists who insist on accessibility to the public washrooms.

Now the veterans returning from the Donbas war front too will insist that the mayors of city provide them with the infrastruction that allows them to move freely with the city.

We at Lviv Apartments are thrilled to see such progress and realize that it will take much time and money to get the city centre all wheelchair accessible.