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Lviv apartments always ready for a laugh

Lviv never ceases to amaze!
With the recent advent of tourism souvenirs shops have mushroomed throughout the city centre.
This phenomena took off in full force after Lviv hosted the Euro Football championships in 2012 which really put Lviv in the global map.
Almost every second shop caters to tourists who want to take something home as a reminder of their trip.
With so much competition in the area of souvenirs, shops have become more and more creative with the hopes of attracting that tourist dollar.
A very popular item is the T shirt. They come in all shapes, designs and colors.
But the most recent item I have come across is toilette paper with Putin’s face printed on it.Talk about a political statement!
Lviv is a very westernized centre and definitely wants to move away from the sphere of Russian influence. Of course the citizens of Lviv are appalled at the aggression from Russia which is constantly wanting to destabilize their territory.
Certain these innovative souvenirs will continue to surface. We at Lviv apartments find these creative ideas both very amusing and original.
Carry on Lviv with your independence struggle and your straightforward statements.