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Lviv Apartments -Bramas

The ancient city centre of Lviv is dotted with a great variety of “Bramas” or doors or gateways leading inside a building.  These doors are an integral part of the architecture in Lviv as Lviv ‘s history dates back to the medieval era when these gates protected people’s dwellings. 

Apart from have a a significant historical presence they also have magnificent a beauty and charm. I one is unique. As you walk along the narrow , cable stoned sidewalks you are always taken aback with the discovery of yet another amazing “Brama” . Be they wooden or metal or a mixture of both , they never cease to amaze.

The locals take great pride in restoring and caring for their “Bramas” . Unfortunately, Graffitti has become a popular trend in Lviv and this has been very unfortunate for the beautiful “Bramas” . Hopefully this trend will not last much longer or the new police force will catch the culprits.

We at Lviv apartments cherish the historical feaures of our museum like city. Therefore, we promote the restoration and preservation of the architectural details here.