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Lviv – The chocolate city

 Lviv is building a solid reputation as a European centre for delicious hand made chocolates. Tourists from around the world seek put these delicacies when they visit Lviv. Chocolate shops have long line ups of eager clients  all year long. 

The photo herein is aof a recent chocolate store – just recently opened in the centre of Lviv. Roshen is a very big chocolate business owned by the present president of Ukraine – Petro Po(Roshen) Ko ! 

There is some controversy around this chocolate manufacturer  because (by Law) the president should have sold his companies when he was elected. But the again , do laws ever really work in Ukraine.  To add salt to this wound Roshen has factories in Russia which mean that Ukraine president is paying taxes to it’s aggressor – Russia- Go figure. 

We ate Lviv apartment. Certain encourage entrepreneurs but would also like to see rule of law.